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Making Dreams A Reality

Crystal Presenters is a Performing Arts Organisation based in Nigeria. We are a group of Volunteers, we believe that Acting and Song ministration can go a long way in healing the Soul. We want to push evangelism to the next level.

What We Do
Not every Entertainment group is created equal. At Crystal Ps, we know that the best results come from having the right people working on the right project. Remember that our mandate is to win Souls, Heal Souls, Motivate Souls, Entertain Souls to the glory of God through entertainment.

Drama Presentation

Crystal Presenters Uses Drama to evangelize. We believe that Drama has a way of filling in the gaps in thought, feeling, and emotion that words cannot just do justice to, which can be incredibly powerful when accompanied by the Spirit Of God. 
Drama is a very powerful ministry tool. It can be used to impact the church and the world for Christ. We are encouraging more Christians and churches to be involved in drama ministries. That is why we are here for you! 

Music/Choir Presentation

The reason that we work so hard to create beautiful music together is so that we can glorify God and help people experience a holy moment…

Dance Presentation

Recognizing the relevance of dance in the church today, both in worship and in its use as an evangelistic tool, is crucial for the health of the body of Christ for its participation in sharing the hope of salvation to a lost and hurting generation. This act of dance is much more than just a desired movement, it is built within the Body of Christ, and God is waiting for His bride to yet again bring this sacrifice of praise to the altar.

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